♫ MUSIC SHARE ♫ - Actually the real name of Lupe Fiasco is Wasalu Muhammad Jaco. But he is better known by his stage name Lupe Fiasco. Lupe Fiasco was born on February 16, 1982. Lupe Fiasco is an American rapper, artist, producer and CEO of 1st and 15th Entertainment. The fame came following the success of his critically acclaimed debut album, Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor in 2006. Under his real name, he also performs as the frontman of post punk band Japanese Cartoon.

Lupe Fiasco who raised in Chicago developed an interest in hip-hop although initially dislike this genre because it was too vulgar. He adopted the name of Lupe Fiasco and began recording songs in the basement of his father, then he joined a group named Da Pak. This group was disbanded shortly after it was founded, and soon Lupe Fiasco met Jay-Z who helped him to sign a recording contract with Atlantic Records. In 2006, Fiasco released his debut album Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor on the label, to critical and commercial acclaim. And in December 2007, he released a second album, Lupe Fiasco's The Cool. Single Superstar became a hit, peaking at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. His new album, Laser, released on March 8, 2011 after several delays the release date.
Besides in the field of music, Fiasco has been engaged in the field of business, including fashion. He runs two line clothing business, Righteous Kung-Fu and Trilly & Truly. He also designed the sneakers for Reebok. He also has been involved with charity work throughout his career, including the Summit on the Summit expedition, and in 2010, he recorded single Resurrection that was produced by a personnel Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda and its profits donated to quake-hit Haiti in 2010.

Discography (Released Albums)

Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor (2006)
1. Intro
2. Real
3. Just Might Be OK
4. Kick, Push
5. I Gotcha *
6. Instrumental
7. He Say She Say
8. Sunshine
9. Daydreamin' *
10. Cool
11. Hurt Me Soul
12. Pressure
13. American Terrorist
14. Emperor's Soundtrack
15. Kick, Push Ii
16. Outro

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool (2007)
1. Baba Says Cool for Thought (Feat. Iesha Jaco)
2. Free Chilly (featuring Sarah Green & Gemini)
3. Go Go Gadget Flow
4. The Coolest
5. Superstar (featuring Matthew Santos)
6. Paris, Tokyo
7. Hi-Definition (featuring Snoop Dogg & Pooh Bear)
8. Gold Watch
9. Hip-Hop Saved My Life (featuring Nikki Jean)
10. Intruder Alert (featuring Sarah Green)
11. Streets on Fire (featuring Matthew Santos)
12. Little Weapon (featuring Bishop G & Nikki Jean)
13. Gotta Eat
14. Dumb It Down (featuring Gemini & Graham Burris)
15. Hello/Goodbye (Uncool) (featuring Unkle)
16. The Die (featuring Gemini)
17. Put You on Game
18. Fighters (featuring Matthew Santos)
19. Go Baby (featuring GemStones)
20. Blackout

Lasers (2011)
1. Letting Go (featuring Sarah Green)
2. Words I Never Said (featuring Skylar Grey)
3. Till I Get There
4. I Don't Wanna Care Right Now (featuring MDMA)
5. Out of My Head (featuring Trey Songz)
6. The Show Goes On
7. Beautiful Lasers (2 Ways)
8. Coming Up (featuring MDMA)
9. State Run Radio (featuring Matt Mahaffey)
10. Break the Chain (featuring Eric Turner and Sway)
11. All Black Everything
12. Never Forget You (featuring John Legend)

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