Queen - We Are The Champions

Title  : We Are The Champions
Singer : QUEEN
Album  : News of the World

Until now, song We Are The Champions is still often heard everywhere. Even this song is always sung at each end of a championship. We Are The Champions is song for the winner. This is the guitar chords for the best song in the world.


a winning expression of kayla
Cm  Gm7/C
  I ve paid my dues
                Cm  Gm7/C
  And time after time
              Cm     Gm7/C
  I ve done my sentence
                 Cm  Gm7/C
  But commited no crime
            Eb  Ab
  And bad mistakes
             Eb  Ab
  I ve made a few
             Eb            Bb/D        Cm
  I ve had my share of sand kicked in my face
     F7          Bb   C
  But I ve come through
 F          Am            Dm  Bb C
  We are the champions, my friend
     F           Am                 Bb  D/F#
  And we ll keep on fighting till the end
 Gm                   Bbm           Bbo
  We are the champions, we are the champions
 F           Eb/G          Ab6         Bb7     Cm7
  No time for loosers  cause we are the champions
      ( Fm7  Gm7/C )
  Of the world
               Cm  Gm7/C
  I ve taken my bows
                Cm  Gm7/C
  And my curtain calls
  You brought me fame and fortune 
  And everything that goes with it
             Cm  Gm7/C
  I thank you all
                         Eb  Ab
  But it s been no bed of roses
             Eb  Ab
  No pleasure cruise
  I consider it a challenge 
                  Bb/D  Cm
  Before the whole human race
     F7            Bb   C
  And I ain t gonna lose 


free download software said...

luv dis song... :)

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

lha Quenn kok gitu fotonya..? hahaha. Ratu di rumah kali ya? hihi

bagi bagio said...

Heem,,, Ayas udah punya Lagunya Boss.. hwehehe
tu Foto "LITTLE QUEEN"nya Boss yach???
Lucuu BGT deh...