Official Hot Mess

In the top 50 Most Wanted Music in February and April which we've released, Official Hot Mess ranked # 1 by the song Money Makes The Girl$ Go Round.

♫ MUSIC SHARE ♫ - Official Hot Mess is a multi talented teen pop-rock band from America that formed by sisters Kristy and Lindsey Landers in 2007. In age five on a PBS children's television show, they composed and performed their first songs. Official Hot Mess got media attention and a cult following after scoring their first record deal before graduating high school.

Official Hot Mess released their debut album on September 5, 2007 under the recording label King Records, a division of Sony Music Japan. Official Hot Mess has been featured on The Hills , Jersey Shore, My Super Sweet 16, and The City from MTV.
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Band Members
Kristy Landers - Niedenfuer - Vocals/Bass
Lindsey Landers - Niedenfuer - Vocals/Guitar
Adam Evans - Rhythm Guitar
Billy Burke - Bass
Jake Freeman - Lead Guitar
Joe Pezzino - Drums

Kristy and Lindsey Landers wallpaper


bagi bagio said...

Ck...Ck...Ck... Bener2 HOT BGT tuh Cewek!!!
DUO Cewek yg Hebat yach... berbakat BGT tuh... GITARIS CEWEK KEREEN!!!
Hmm,,, Ayas pengen tew Lagu2nya neh Boss.. bs diKasi Linknya Boss???

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

waw! :O