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justin bieber
Sensational pop star Justin Bieber, the appalling world with his music and talent performances, start reaching the glass screen. AXN Asia press release received by AFP on Saturday, said the young singer that has produced two super hits music album, "My World" and "My World 2.0" it would make prime-time TV debut in the premier series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation season to-11, the most watched series in the world. Hit series will debut on AXN channel on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 pk. 21:00 pm, and then displayed three times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) at the same hour. The first episode of series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation season-11 have been anticipated by fans and those who do not like with Justin Bieber. Impressions own premiere in the United States watched by 15 million viewers and ranked first in the time slot. This proves the existence of Justin Bieber has raised the rating of series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is very significant. Baby and singer song Somebody To Love, Justin Bieber, has proved himself not just a handsome face nan cute on screen. In the first episode titled? Shock Wave?, He was involved in a blasting action, the story continued in the fifteenth episode titled "Targets Of Obsession". Justin plays a troubled teen orphan named Jason McCann, who are faced with difficult decisions regarding his brother, relatives only. This resulted in a confrontation with the CSI team.

"Fun experience" To hone the acting skills and prepare for his role, Justin studied acting at an acting coach. Justin also said enthusiastically, "Yes, I like to sing, because singing is the soul and spirit are the main, saw firsthand how my fans interact directly with me on stage. But acting is a new experience and really exciting." On location, Justin really had looked annoyed waiting for his turn at acting, but all went through easily because he enjoyed this new learning. "With acting, I found a different spirit, despite having to wait so long to turn shooting. Learning new things while meeting new people is fun, and all this is something very different, but all so exciting," he said.

George Eads (Black Wolf, Two And A Half Man), who plays Nick Stokes CSI Agent, acting collided with Justin in a few scenes and thumbs for this young star. "If he (Justin) was able to perform in front of so many people, dancing and singing, she also can speak a few sentences in the act ... He's a cool young man," said George. On the cover of the last episode in season to the last-10, Dr. Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne: Matrix, What `s Love Got To Do Whit It, Mission: Impossible III), appear to struggle against death after being stabbed in front of the jail cell of a psychopath named Nate Haskell. Dr. Raymond also was forced to absent and replaced by Nick Stokes in this season, sticking to the surface. Nick established himself as a disciple of Gilbert? Gil Grissom greatest-when he showed his ability in reading errors, as well as Grissom "The Bugman" who have successfully solved many cases previously. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation season-11 not just talking about crime and error, but also romance. The fans figure CSI supervisor Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger: Tootsie, Erin Brockovich, Wonder Woman) now has the idol of the heart, namely Detective Vartann (Alex Carter: Burn Notice, Leverage, 24). Not only that, an array of famous guest stars also appear brighten tense story of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation this season, ranging from Playboy Bunny Holly Madison (The Last Broadcast, Scary Movie 4, The House Bunny), Elliot Gould (Ocean `s Eleven, Friends , American Pie) to Dita Von Teese (The Death Of Salvador Dali, Blooming Dahlia), which will feature a classic portrait of a Hollywood woman is dangerous. Faces old and new also adorn the new season, with the return of Jorja Fox (Three Weeks In Daytona, Next Exit, Down With The Joneses) and two new players, namely Katee Sackoff (Battlestar Galatica, 24, Halloween: Resurrection) who will act as an investigator that hard, energetic but temperamental, and Sienna Guillory (Eragon, Resident Evil: Afterlife, The Big Bang) that acts as a technician / expert first bomb in this series

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