The Artists Appointed as Creative Director in a ICT Company

It's no more a secret that many Hollywood celebrities were taken by a world companies such as vendors of ICT became a brand ambassador of their company, in order to enhance their product image. But what if the artist taken to occupy a strategic position?

♫ MUSIC SHARE ♫ - Although this case is not new, in fact some artists published openly to occupy a quite prestigious positions had occurred in a few months lately.

These artist is of course recruited not without a reason, although it remains aim to attract a potential customers who are interested in the big name of the artist. In our notes, there are at least three artists who served of director position in leading technology companies.

Most of them served as Creative Director in each company. Here are artists who served as director at technology companies:

1. Lady Gaga
lady gaga wallpaperJanuary 2010, a phenomenal singer Lady Gaga appointed by the leading camera company Polaroid as a Creative Director in the company that pretty much known among old-fashioned users.

A Polaroid executive said that the recruitment of Lady Gaga as a Creative Director of Polaroid according to their vision and mission in providing a touch of epic in its products. Moreover, Gaga is also famous with her appearance that always another than others.

2. Will.I.Am 'Black Eyed Peas' wallpaper
A fronted of music group Black Eyed Peas, chosen by a giant semiconductors company, Intel Corp. recruited by Intel to occupy a position of Innovation and Creative Director of the largest chip company in the world. Then, he would give his best thought of doing creative innovation and will work along with companies on a specific products, such as laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

In addition will also became a Intel's ambassador in promoting the campaign of Computer Continuum. Expected with the presence of can provide the creative touch of the futuristic for products of Intel. is actually not a new one in the field of technology. Before becoming a musician, producer and actor, also ever make a robotic game in the competition FIRST Robotics.

3. Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake wallpaper
These singer and actor is the latest news from the world of ICT. Justin Timberlake rumored including one of investors who will acquire social networking site MySpace. Besides became an investor, Justin is also rumored occupying a position as one of the directors on a site that purchased from News Corp. for $ 35 million.

Indeed, not known in detail about the task of Justin Timberlake, but the ex-boyfriend of Britney Spears will occupy a position as Creative Director who will develop MySpace in order to more closer to its users.

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